Native Reads: From The Ashes by Jesse Thistle

The local Native Friendship Centre in the city I live in, Hamilton Regional Indian Friendship Centre or HRIC, recently started a book club. For our first read, they chose From The Ashes by Jesse Thistle. I hadn’t heard of the book before, but once I did, I kept seeing it everywhere I looked. At the… Continue reading Native Reads: From The Ashes by Jesse Thistle

Native Reads x Indigenous Owned Special: Matches

In the October 2020 issue of ELLE Canada Magazine a piece was featured called Open Book that included 7 books and each book was paired with a candle. Not a single book was written by an Indigenous author. Of course being a lover of Indigenous literature, this bothered me. Its not like we dont have… Continue reading Native Reads x Indigenous Owned Special: Matches

Indigenous Owned: Ojibway Natural

If you follow A Tribe Called Beauty on instagram than youre already familiar with my love for Ojibway Natural. I discovered these all natural, handmade Indigenous owned brand over a year ago on Instagram. I won an Ojibway Natural giveaway last December and received some of, what are now, my all time favourite products. I… Continue reading Indigenous Owned: Ojibway Natural

Satya Organic Indigenizing Black Friday; The Clan Mothers Healing Lodge

Instead of having just another sale, this Black Friday weekend Satya is donating 20% of every purchase to the Clan Mothers Healing Village; an Indigenous-led Matrilineal healing and education centre based in Manitoba. By empowering people to give back instead of taking for themselves Satya is reclaiming and Indigenizing Black Friday. About The Clan Mothers… Continue reading Satya Organic Indigenizing Black Friday; The Clan Mothers Healing Lodge

Reconciliation Reads: In Divided Unity & Indians Wear Red

As promised, I’m adding books to the Reconciliation Reads list. First of all, I want to say Miigwetch to everyone that checked out the first Reconciliation Reads article & list, I got such good feedback and praise when that article/list went live! Im really glad you guys liked it, so like Ive already said, as… Continue reading Reconciliation Reads: In Divided Unity & Indians Wear Red

E.A.R Series Introduction (Education Awareness & Resources Series)

The new E.A.R. (Education, Awareness & Resources) Series has been created to help educate about the issues that modern day Indigenous people of Turtle Island face and the true history of Turtle Island and the land in which we live on as well as share articles written by myself and share resources that both help… Continue reading E.A.R Series Introduction (Education Awareness & Resources Series)

Indigenous Owned: 4 Directions Necklace by Second Aura

The owner of Second Aura, Courtney, is a 24 year old German, Native & French mixed kwe. She makes beautiful jewelry from silver & gold necklaces and rings to beaded earrings. We recently connected and I was so excited to hear that she was releasing a necklace called the ‘4 Directions Necklace’ and would be donating… Continue reading Indigenous Owned: 4 Directions Necklace by Second Aura

Native Reads: Reconcilation Reads

This post and the intro was written post COVID19. I mention in the introduction that due to the racism our people have felt during the blockades in solidarity with Wet’su’wet’en that I felt this post was needed little did I know the movement that would occur after the horrendous death of George Floyd (Rest In… Continue reading Native Reads: Reconcilation Reads

Indigenous Owned: Kokom Scrunchies

I’m sure you have seen the scrunchies made out of Kokom scarves across Instagram and maybe seen some of your friends and family wearing them. If you’ve been wondering where exactly to purchase these Kokom Scrunchies? Let me put you on to 9 year old Mya, the owner and operator of Kokom Scrunchies. Based in… Continue reading Indigenous Owned: Kokom Scrunchies

Indigenous Social Distancing

As we all know, the world is in self quarantine in their homes and practicing social distancing right now during this COVID-19 / CoronaVirus pandemic. I know that staying at home can get quite boring and lonesome after only a few days. So with that in mind, after coming across quite a few resources and things… Continue reading Indigenous Social Distancing