A Tribe Called Beauty 2018 Year In Review

Now that 2018 has come to a close and we are starting a fresh new year, I thought this would be a good time to look back at some of my favourite articles posted and new series that were created for A Tribe Called Beauty in 2018.

In no way will these be in order of favourite to least favourite, I don’t think I could possibly do that seeing as all of these articles are very meaningful and important to me in their own unique ways!

Things Native Boss Babes Do To Keep In Touch With Our Traditions & Culture

Personally, I very much enjoyed writing this post. I also feel that this post and the meaning behind it is very important. We are in a time that it’s very easy to lose touch with our cultures and traditions, or just simply tell ourselves that we are too busy and don’t have the time. But the things that I share in this post will help anyone reading it remember and realize that keeping in touch with our culture and traditions comes naturally to us, they’re not extreme and time consuming practices, they’re simple but also important. Our ancestors didn’t survive genocide, residental schools and the horrible hard ships that were thrown their way for us to make up excuses and forget about who we are and what matters to us the most! 

Indigenous Goddess Gang

At the start of 2018, I was asked by Indigenous Goddess Gang if I would be interested in writing articles for their online femme magazine. My immediate answer was HECK YES! 

Ive been following IGG and reading every single article since the first issue was published. This online femme magazine is a huge step towards to uprise of Indigenous Women. Im such a huge fan girl, that it was a dream come true to write articles for the online magazine and have my very own ‘A Tribe Called Beauty’ section in each issue. 

IGG is celebrating their one year anniversary, and in just one year they have grown a huge following! With 67.9 thousand followers in only a year, I think that number in such a short period of time speaks for itself on how amazing Indigenous Goddess Gang is. 

The first articles I shared on IGG was a 2 part series about the Traditions of Long Hair of our People! 

Traditions of Long Hair Part one:

Traditions of Long Hair Part Two:

The next few articles are a series about Tribal Tattoos. So far part one was in the last issue, part two will be featured in the issue coming very soon.

Tribal Tattoos Part One:

Cheekbone Beauty Brand Focus

Ive had the Brand Focus series for awhile now but the reason this specific Brand Focus is special is because this year I became a Brand Ambassador for Cheekbone Beauty. If you’ve been following A Tribe Called Beauty for awhile, you’ll know that Ive been in love with Cheekbone for over 2 years now. The very first post on A Tribe Called Beauty was about Cheekbone. So being a Brand Ambassador for a brand that Ive been following and have adored for awhile is truly a dream come true. 

As all the Brand Focus series’ go, the Cheekbone Beauty series is all about the brand, the products, Jenn Harper, the owner and founder of Cheekbone and of course how Cheekbone is making a difference and taking strides to help First Nations education. 

Cheekbone Beauty Brand Focus Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

I have a discount code that your able to use when you purchase any Cheekbone Beauty products and it saves you 10%. 

So use code ‘BEE’ and save 10% on your Cheekbone Beauty purchase!!!

Teachings & Traditions Tuesday

Growing up, I didn’t know many teachings or traditions. My mother was born and raised in Quebec, and despite the fact my you can clearly tell they’re native just by the way they look, my family changed their last name, moved off reserve, and didn’t tell anyone that they were native so they wouldn’t experience the racist and discriminating bullsh** that our people experienced back than, and sadly still deal with to this day. You could say my mother didn’t speak about or teach me anything about our people, she was raised to not speak about it and what hurts me the most is that she was embarrassed and ashamed of being native. She simply told me that I was native, even though I didn’t even really understand what that meant, and that was it. All I knew was that I was always darker than all my friends.

While struggling to get sober, I started learning about my culture, and the elder were more than happy to teach me anything I wanted to know. If it weren’t for teachings and traditions, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have made it and wouldn’t be able to say that I am officially a year and a half completely sober and clean. 

So I created this series to share my knowledge, though I obviously don’t know everything and am still learning new things every day, Im more than happy to share what I do know. Im hoping the teachings and traditions I share will possibly educate anyone that deals with the problem I had growing up of simply not knowing, or remind anyone that has just forgotten about certain things about our people that they’ve forgotten over time, or even for people to read and make them feel extremely proud to Indigenous, and extremely proud of our teachings and traditions. Whatever the case, I hope for this series to enlighten, inspire, and fill whomever reads it with pure joy and pride!


Motherhood Indigenous

Though Ive only posted the introduction for this series, I am very proud to be able to share this series. As many of you know, I gave birth to my beautiful son, Ogichida, this year. 

Ogichida is now 9 months old, and during my new journey into motherhood and also during my pregnancy, I learned SO much & ultimately became the women I always knew I wanted to be. 

I am so proud of being an Indigenous mother of a beautiful Indigenous boy, and all the things that come with being pregnant and giving birth as an Indigenous mother, and raising an Indigenous child. So this series is about all of those things! Indigenous pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding, raising our Indigenous children and every thing in between. 


A very exciting part of the Motherhood Indigenous series is that Wakeah Jhane has agreed to allow her stunning pieces of mother & child to be the main artwork for this series. You can find her on Instagram at: @wakeahjhane

For The Love Of Our People

This year Ive noticed so many incredible companies, businesses and brands that are making a change and helping our people in many different ways. 

I created this series to highlight and showcase all these inspiring businesses and brands & the people behind them. 

So far Ive posted the introduction and the first post of this series that features the lovely Moose Hide Campaign. There are a numerous amount of brands and businesses that are on the list to be featured in this series and Im so excited to share them and their stories with you guys.


Moose Hide Campaign Post:

Native Reads & Native KIDS Reads

Native Reads

When searching the book store for Indigenous literature/non fiction novels, I had the hardest time. All I could find were history books, which I also love reading, but sometimes I just want a good story with characters that I can relate too or a story with Indigenous characters that I simply enjoy. It took awhile for me to have the collection of Indigenous non fiction novels that I have, so I decided to create this series the share them with all of you to make your lives a little easier when searching for a good Native read, and share books that I adore and think that you would adore & enjoy as well. 

Native KIDS Reads

I just recently shared the introduction for this new series. Growing up the only story I knew of someone that looked like me was Pocahontas, and we all know the many reasons why that movie/story isn’t relatable or realistic whatsoever. 

So now that I have my son, I wanted him to have his own collection of books with characters that looked like him and that he could relate too. Im proud to say that he now has a very good collection of Indigenous childrens books that I am so proud to read to him every night, and I know that once he’s a bit older he will also be very proud of these books. 

I created this series to share these lovely Indigenous childrens books with all the Indigenous parents that follow A Tribe Called Beauty. 

That is all for A Tribe Called Beauty’s Year in Review. I just want to say Miigwetch for being patient with me this year as I haven’t been posting very often. Motherhood, especially within the first year is a full time job. I LOVE being Ogichida’s Mommy, and since Im a stay at home Mom, Ive been quite busy taking care of this little boy. Now that he is 9 months old, he’s able to play by himself which gives me time to get back to the routine of creating content and posting on A Tribe Called Beauty a few times a week. So once again, Miigwetch for being patient with me during the early stages of my journey through Motherhood.

I hope everyone had a Wonderfull Christmas and a safe & fun New Years.

Bah Mah Pii

Email: atribecalledbeauty@gmail.com

Instagram: @atribecalledbeauty & @nativebossbabe

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