Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 4, Lipstick For A Cause

Though Cheekbone Beauty has more than just liquid lipsticks for sale, I feel like the brand is best known for its incredible formula, range of stunning shades and of course the names of the liquid lipsticks themselves, which are all named after inspirational Indigenous women. 

‘Our liquid lipsticks contain the pigment of a lipstick and the glide of a gloss, without the stick. Cheekbone Beauty’s matte formula will leave your lips the perfect shade for up to 8 hours.’

Cheekbone recently launched a limited edition Warrior Women collection which features all 12 liquid lipsticks. All 12 liquid lipsticks come in a Limited Edition Water Proof Cosmetic Bag. 

When you purchase the Warrior Women collection, your saving $99.00. So if you’ve been dying to try out Cheekbone or just simply own all the stunning, high pigmented liquid lipsticks, this is the perfect collection for you. 

‘Lipstick For A Cause’

Part 2 of the Cheekbone Beauty Brand Focus Series was about how 15% of proceeds from Cheekbone Beauty purchases goes towards Supporting First Nations Education. When you buy Cheekbone liquid lipsticks, you’re helping support First Nations Education. THAT is Lipstick For A Cause.

By the title, Im sure you’re already aware that this post is all about Cheekbone Beauty’s Liquid Lipsticks. Im going to share a bit about all the liquid lipsticks that I personally have, and share a bit about what I do know regarding the select few that I don’t have. My hopes for this post is to either help you decide which liquid lipstick you want to purchase if your having a hard time deciding, or help you come to the decision that you’d like to purchase the Limited Edition Women Warrior Collection to try out all the liquid lipsticks for yourself. 

I have a discount code that you can use when purchasing any Cheekbone Beauty products. Use code ‘BEE’ for 10% off your purchase!




Named after Ashley Callingbull, an very well known Cree woman from the Alberta Enoch Cree Nation in West Edmonton. Ashley was the first Canadian and the first Indigenous woman to ever win the Miss Universe title. ASHLEY liquid lipstick was the very first Cheekbone Beauty liquid lipsticks I ever tried. I received in November of 2017. The picture shown below is myself wearing ASHLEY. This liquid lipstick is the perfect mix of a pinky red colour. So if your not yet comfortable wearing a strong red lip colour, this is definitely the perfect lipstick to start you off. 


Both of these stunning lippys are the Fall 2018 Cheekbone Beauty liquid lipsticks, DEVERY is named after the Mohawk actress Kawennahere Devery Jacobs & BETHANY is named after the talented and well known fasting designer Bethany Yellowtail, owner of B. YELLOWTAIL. A beautiful fashion label with designs & pieces that every Indigenous women wants in her wardrobe.


DEVERY and BETHANY are the absolute perfect shades for Fall. Their literally the definition of a Fall lipsticks shade. I was so happy when Cheekbone announced these colours. First of all, I’ve always been so inspired my Bethany Yellowtail, and once again Cheekbone introduced me to yet another inspiring, and talented beautiful Indigenous women, Devery. & also because I’ve always loved the very dark red lipsticks, but I could never find a formula that lasted, didn’t transfer, didn’t make my lips dry and crusty, or didn’t fade with wear, turning into more of a light red rather than the dark red it was when I first applied it. Already knowing how long lasting, hydrating, extremely pigmented formula of Cheekbones liquid lipsticks, I knew I had finally found the perfect dark red lippys.


Both are very moody, dark red lipsticks. Devery, being the lighter shade (described as ‘very smokey cranberry of Cheekbone’s website) while Bethany is the darker shade of the two (described as berry Burgundy).

Wear each lipstick alone or do short of ombre lip with each shade for definition. I typically wear these shades with hardly any other makeup, just foundation, concealer, bronzer and some highlight. I find that it makes the lipstick stand out, and makes it ‘the star of the show’. Having minimal makeup with a strong, bold red lipstick is definitely one of my go to’s, especially now that I have DEVERY and BETHANY to help me. 


Who doesn’t love a nude lip? Cheekbone Beauty has given us a variety of options to create a gorgeous nude lip with these 3 liquid lipsticks.



Personally, BUFFY is my perfect nude. & its named after none other than the lovely Buffy Ste. Marie, well known singer/songwriter, an advocate for Indigenous Women all across Turtle Island, and much loved in Indian Country. It’s only fitting that Cheekbone Beauty’s perfect nude liquid lipstick was named after Buffy. If I had to choose one lipstick to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Its the perfect amount of nude colour to your lips that makes you makeup look effortless, yet put together and beautiful. Ive been asked so many times what lipstick Im wearing, and Im always so proud to say ‘Cheekbone Beauty’s liquid lipstick in the shade ‘BUFFY’. 

In the pictures shown above, I am wearing ‘BUFFY’.



This liquid lipstick is named after Melina Laboucan Massimo, an Indigenous Rights advocate from Lubicon Cree First Nation in Alberta. This rosy peachy nude is a beautiful nude that I personally love wearing with ‘cat eye’ liner and big lashes. MELINA is the perfect shade that isn’t so much as a ‘naked nude’ like BUFFY but not so  much of a dark brown nude like CINDY is, which the next shade I’m about to mention. Its not too light, not too dark, the perfect ‘in-between’ nude.



CINDY like I just mentioned above, is a lovely dark brown nude lippy. Described on Cheekbone’s website as a ‘brownish coppery’ shade, CINDY is named after Cindy Blackstock from the Gitxsan First Nation. Cindy is an activist for child welfare as well as the executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada. This shade can go both ways. It can be worn the way I mentioned I like wearing BETHANY and DEVERY, with minimal makeup, letting the lipstick be the main star of the show. Or it can be worn with full glam, since its a warm, neutral colour, it can be worn with a variation of looks. 




ROSEANNE named after the Metis and Cree actress Roseanne Supernault. This beautiful taupe shade was released shortly after the DEVERY and BETHANY liquid lipsticks, adding to Cheekbones perfect range of liquid lipsticks for Fall. I purchased this liquid lipsticks the first day it became available. I personally love dark, moody liquid lipsticks in this shade. They’re perfect for Fall and Winter. I typically pair this liquid lippy with minimum makeup, just some nice looking skin along with this taupe lipsticks makes for a stunning look that can be worn day & night.

Now for the liquid lipstick that I personally don’t have. Im just going to quickly list the names, who the women is that the lipstick is named after and the shade of the lipstick. 


This liquid lipstick is named after Amber Montour, the founder and owner of the clothing line Reclaim Your Power most know for the ‘Strong, Resilient, Indigenous’ that is printer across their clothing. Amber is from the Akwesanse Mohawk Territory in Quebec, Canada.

Shade: A beautiful deep purple


This liquid lipstick is named after Shannen Koostachin from the foundation helping First Nations Education Shannens Dream which happens to be the same foundation that Cheekbone Beauty donates 15% of sales towards. Shannen was from the Attawpiskat Reservation and an advocate for First Nations Youth Education. Sadly, she passed away in a car accident at the young age of 15 but she is still a very important role model for Aboriginal youth and First Nations Education.

Shade: Orange Red


This liquid lipstick is named after the brave and inspiring Autumn Peltier. Autumn is 14 year old Anishnaabekwe from Wikwemikong Unceded Territory in Northern Ontario. She is been working extremely hard to help protect our water. In 2016 she presented a water bundle to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  at the Assembly of First Nations. You can read more about Autumn and what she did when she finally came face to face with the Prime Minister and why what she did made headlines by following this link to a post I created about Autumn for the Inspirational Indigenous Women series here on A Tribe Called Beauty:

Shade: Blue Red


This liquid lipstick is named after Sarain Fox, an Anishinaabe activist, dancer, choreographer, brand ambassador for Manitobah Mukluks and hosts of shows including RISE on VICELAND.

Shade: Vibrant Coral


This liquid lipstick is named after Waneek Horn-Miller, a mohawk women from Kahnawake whom won a gold medal in 1999 with the Canadian women water polo team, becoming the first Mohawk women from Canada to ever win an Olympic medal. She’s also known for being present at the Oka Crisis at the young age of 14.

Shade: Bright Pink 

Side Note: this is the next Cheekbone Beauty liquid lipstick I plan on purchasing for myself. I just love the beautiful pink shade. Ive seen numerous pictures of women wearing this lipstick, and it just looks absolutely stunning. I think every women needs a good pink lipstick. 

I hope this post helps you decide which Cheekbone Beauty liquid lipsticks are right for you or helped you decide that you want to purchase the Warrior Women’s Collection.

Follow this link to purchase any of the liquid lipsticks featured in this post:

Also, I’d love to hear which shades are you favourite! Send me a message on Instagram: @atribecalledbeauty or send me an email at

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