Indigenous Goddess Gang: Issue 9

“In the heart of winter, we prepare for what blessings are to come. We take all of the knowledge, growth and insight we have received over the first year cycle with Indigenous Goddess Gang, and we hold these lessons close to us as medicine. We take time to reflect, to sharpen our skills, to rest, to love and be loved, to tell stories and to nurture our spirits and bodies. We are making ready for what is to come, we are in preparation for the gifts ahead. This issue celebrates the power of hibernation, reflection, grounding and preparation for what will come.”

Let us acknowledge our blessings, stay focused on our goals and continue to get strong in Preparation for the work ahead.

Indigenous Goddess Gang released Issue 9 of their online femme magazine last week and as you just read above, this issue is very on theme with the winter season that is currently upon us. 

Indigenous Goddess Gang announced in this Issue that they will now be releasing issues seasonally, so you can expect Issue 10 in the Spring. 

I also want to say a huge Congratulations to Indigenous Goddess Gang for their one year anniversary and all the amazing success they have received in just one year. IGG currently has 71.9k followers on Instagram. 

I can’t even begin to explain how grateful and thrilled I am to be a contributor and apart of Indigenous Goddess Gang. In Issue 9 I share Part Two of the Tribal Tattoos’ Series. Part Two goes in depth about the beautiful Inuit tattoo history. As well as Tristan Morgan’s ( known as @agnauraq on Instagram) personal story behind her first traditional Inuit tattoo. Click the link below to check out Tribal Tattoo’s Part Two as well as all the other amazing articles featured in Issue 9.


Instagram: @atribecalledbeauty & @nativebossbabe

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