Indigenous Christmas Gift Guide 2019


Cheekbone Beauty 

Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous owned cosmetics brand. Made in Canada, not tested Animals, Indigenous owned, 10% of every purchase goes towards helping First Nations Education & high quality, beautiful, long lasting products; everything you could possibly want from a cosmetics company. 

Use code “BEE” for 15% off your purchase.


Instagram: @cheekbonebeauty

Prados Beauty

The most stunning, high quality makeup brushes and lashes! 50% of all profits goes back to Native communities & charitable organizations.


Instagram: @pradosbeauty

Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics

A Hidatsa, Lakota & Black owned cosmetics comapany. Brittney Amitrano has created lipsticks that have a range of skin inclusive shades, theres an Intertribal Cosmetics lipstick for every skin tone! 


Instagram: @intertribal_beauty_cosmetics

Billiee Beauty

A Seminole, Mexican owned cosmetics company with high quality, cruelty free, mineral infused products! 


Instagram: @billieebeauty

Blended Girl Cosmetics

Owned by Dine woman Shi-Fawn Chee. ‘A Dine makeup brand inspired to bring unity through makeup!’ 


Instagram: @blendedgirl.cosmetics

-Body & Skin Care-

Niawen Skin

An Indigenous owned skincare brand based out of Mohawk First Nation, Akwesasne, New York.

Currently A Tribe Called Beauty is featuring Niawen Skin in a Brand Focus Series. Click the link below to check out the series:


Instagram: @niawenskin

Spirit Earth Holistics

An Onieda owned body and skin care line that has a wide range of products for everyone on your Christmas list. 

In 2017 A Tribe Called Beauty featured Spirit Earth Holistics in a 4 Part Brand Focus Series. Click the link below to check out the series:


Instagram: @spiritearthholisticsinc

Ojibway Natural 

‘Ojibway Natural is an Indigenous Woman run business specializing in all natural home and body products. We are passionate about moving away from chemical based commercial products and returning to natural alternatives while incorporating traditional medicines. Every products has its own unique recipe and is handmade with love.’

This past week I received a package from Ojibway Naturals that contained one of the large Christmas gift boxes she’ll be selling over the holidays. I am so happy with every product within this gift box. In my gift box I received the Sage body mist, Sweetgrass Soy Candle & Sweetgrass Sugar Scrub (both of these products smell EXACTLY like Sweetgrass, I don’t know how she managed to make both these products smell perfectly the same as a braid of Sweetgrass but all I do know is I’m in love), Cedar bath soak, Peppermint Soap, lip balm, & bath bomb.


Instagram: @ojibwaynatural

Quw’utsun’ Made 

‘Contemporary lifestyle & apothecary, combing ancestral knowledge & Northwest Native plant extracts. Connecting our modern life with the natural world. A proud Cowichan Woman-owned business.’ 


Instagram: @quwutsunmade

Sequoia Soaps

‘Proudly Indigenous made soaps and skincare. Inspired by our Native legends & ingredients.’


Instagram: @sequoiasoaps


Indigenous Goddess Gang

Most of you might know Indigenous Goddess Gang as the online femme magazine. But, they also have an online shop called ‘The Goddess Shop’.
One of the most popular items is the ‘Saani Robe’ which is an absolutely beautiful ‘komono’ style robe with the hokum scarf print all over it. They have two sizes/lengths as well. But personally my favourite items that they sell on the Goddess Shop is the statement t-shirts. From t-shirts that say ‘Indigenous Goddess’ or ‘Indigenous Goddess Gang’ to shirts that say ‘The Future Is Indigenous’, & ‘Our Existence Is Resistance’.


Instagram: @indigenousgoddessgang


In my personal opinion, Section35 is one of the most popular and well known indigenous streetwear brands. I don’t own anything from Section35 because #brokelife but most of my Indigenous brothers and sisters do. 


Instagram: @sectionthirtyfive


Native apparel and accessories that you’ll be more than proud to wear. 
On the website, you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list, babies & kids, men & women, as well as stocking stuffers.
 ‘Modern Native American clothing and Native prints that have a deeper meaning. Maybe its a light hearted or funny design. Maybe its a serious issue that needs to be addressed. We use art and streetwear mixed with our culture to create one-of-a-kind designs that embrace our Native American culture and heritage.’


Instagram: @thentvs

Native Anthro

‘Native Anthro is a Native-owned, Native-operated business specializing in providing customers with personalized pieces of wearable history.’


Instagram: @nativeanthro

She Native

“We design genuine leathers goods (and apparel) that elevate Indigenous women and girls by providing a connection to share personal stories and Indigenous knowledge, develop skills, and engage in meaningful work.”
SheNative is the perfect apparel and genuine leather goods to buy for the Indigenous Boss Babe in your life! 


Instagram: @shenativegoods

Winston Paul 

‘Winston Paul is a Dine owned and operated business straight out of Many Farms, Arizona. Winston Paul offers a variety of products such as handmade makeup bags, skirts, traditional two pieces outfits and custom outfits.’



B. Yellowtail

‘B. Yellowtail is a Native America an owned fashion & accessories brand that specializes in storytelling through wearable art. The clothing is designed by Northern Cheyenne & Crow fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail. The B. Yellowtail Collective accessories are 100% handmade by a collective of Native American artisans whom hail from Tribal Nations throughout North America.’


Instagram: @byellowtail


‘Streetwear with a cree flair’ 


Instagram: @m.o.b.i.l.i.z.e

Reclaim Your Power

By now, I think we’ve all seen the iconic ‘Strong, Resilient, Indigenous’ shirts and sweatshirts. Based out of the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory. A gift from Reclaim Your Power will definitely make whoever your buying for proud of you for knowing about this company.


Instagram: @reclaimyourpower

Manitobah Mukluks

‘Mukluk is the Indigenous word for winter boot’

‘Our ancestors created mukluks thousands of years ago to survive the coldest places on earth’

Last year I purchased a pair of the water proof Snowy Owl Mukluks & lets just say Im one happy customer. I can honestly say Ill never buy any other kind of winter boots other than Manitobah Mukluks ever again. 

Manitobah Mukluks have a wide range of various styles of moccasins and mukluks for you to choose from. 


Instgram: @manitobah

Pow Wow Fabrics and Designs 

If your looking for Kokum Scarves, this is the place the buy them! A few months ago I purchased a black scarf, it was delivered so fast, the price of the kokum scarf was cheaper than anywhere else I looked, but the quality is just the same as the scarves that are more expensive. Not only does Pow Wow Fabrics and Designs sell kokum scarves but, you can also purchase regalia, fabric, ribbon, jingles, beads, fringe, rhinestones, sewing and beading supplies, patterns for regalia as well as a reference guide for making regalia. 


Instagram: @powwowfabrics


Nuwuvi Beads

I spoke with Nika Tso who is the lovely kwe that owns Nuwuvi Beads & she informed me that she is taking orders for Christmas, so as long as you place an order with her within the next week or so, you’ll be able to receive it by Christmas and give someone you love some awesome, absolutely stunning beadwork as a Christmas present that I think every Neechee would most definitely be extremely happy to receive. Nika makes gorgeous earrings, shown in the pictures above. She’s a Nuwuvi, Southern Pauite girl from Las Vegas Nevada. If your interested in placing an order with her than head over to her Instagram @nuwuvi.beads and send her a message. 


Indigenous Intentions 

This Indigenously Designed online jewelry brand has the most stunning bracelets that I truly believe every kwe should have. From bracelets that say MMIW to bring awareness to the crisis our people face with our women and girls going missing and being murdered at extremely high rates to a beautiful beaded bracelet. They also just recently released a new ‘Decolonize, Indigenize’ collection that I personally think is awesome.


Instagram: @indigenousintentions

Sapling & Flint

 ‘Conversation pieces sharing the story of Turtle Island’ 


Instagram: @saplingandflint


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