About Author

Bianca is a 25 year old Huron-Wendat woman from Wendake, Quebec. She lives in the city of Hamilton, in Ontario, Canada with her fiancee and baby son Ogichida. Together they are working hard to learn both his Ojibway and her Huron-Wendat, culture, traditions and language so that they can teach their son the ways of his people and ancestors.

Bianca is the founder of the website A Tribe Called Beauty. She created this website to help bring forth two of her biggest passions, which are natural beauty as well as supporting and encouraging Indigenous Women to feel confident, strong, beautiful, proud to be who they are, and to help them embrace their culture and traditions. Her life is dedicated to helping Indigenous Women thrive and reach their goals, while living healthy, traditional lives. She’s extremely passionate about keeping our traditions and culture alive, by learning and teaching about them as much as possible.

After changing her life around after many years of struggling with drug addiction, she’s working hard to help make a change to fight back against the stigma that surrounds our people. She’s determined to change the cycle that our people seem to be stuck in. She wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for her culture, and the medicines that the Creator and Mother Earth provide. She is now sharing the power of our medicines and traditions in hopes that anyone that is suffering will find healing in our traditional ways.

Bianca can be reached through email, or any of her social media’s listed below.

Instagram: @atribecalledbeauty & @nativebossbabe

Facebook Page: A Tribe Called Beauty

Twitter: @nativebossbabe & @beeeemillar

Email: atribecalledbeauty@gmail.com