A Tribe Called Booty Featuring Jenn Cross: Beginner Abs

Check out this beginner ab workout for the gym, living room or outdoors! Ate too much this weekend like me? Take the time to do your belly a favor and get in a working today!! You can easily get this done while watching your fav TV show or playing outside with your kids! They'd probably… Continue reading A Tribe Called Booty Featuring Jenn Cross: Beginner Abs

Inspirational Indigenous Women: Josephine Mandamin

‘Water has to live, it can hear, it can sense what we’re saying, it can really, really, speak to us. Some songs come to us through the water. We have to understand that water is very precious.’ After Josephine Mandamin’s passing on February 22nd of this year, I felt that it would be a good… Continue reading Inspirational Indigenous Women: Josephine Mandamin

Indigenous Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

Becoming a Mom has truly made me appreciate my own Mother even more than I already did. Being a Mom is the toughest but also the best job ever. Gifts aren’t everything and the time we spend with our Mom’s, the love we give them means a lot more than any gift ever could. But… Continue reading Indigenous Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

Teachings & Traditions: Fasting

Fasting is one of the many ceremonies that has been practiced in First Nations communities for many years. In the past, the Elder of a community would take the young people out to fast in order to help them find their direction in life. Today, as our cultural traditions and ways of healing are being… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions: Fasting

Native KIDS Reads: Sweetest Kulu

For this first Native KIDS Reads post I thought it would only make sense to share the first Indigenous childrens book I purchased for Ogichida which is also my favourite book to read to him at bedtime, Sweetest Kulu. I purchased this book from an online store called Kenniwa:a. The founder and current creative director… Continue reading Native KIDS Reads: Sweetest Kulu