Indigenous Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

Becoming a Mom has truly made me appreciate my own Mother even more than I already did. Being a Mom is the toughest but also the best job ever. Gifts aren’t everything and the time we spend with our Mom’s, the love we give them means a lot more than any gift ever could. But… Continue reading Indigenous Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 4, Lipstick For A Cause

Though Cheekbone Beauty has more than just liquid lipsticks for sale, I feel like the brand is best known for its incredible formula, range of stunning shades and of course the names of the liquid lipsticks themselves, which are all named after inspirational Indigenous women.  ‘Our liquid lipsticks contain the pigment of a lipstick and… Continue reading Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 4, Lipstick For A Cause

A Tribe Called Beauty 2018 Year In Review

Now that 2018 has come to a close and we are starting a fresh new year, I thought this would be a good time to look back at some of my favourite articles posted and new series that were created for A Tribe Called Beauty in 2018. In no way will these be in order… Continue reading A Tribe Called Beauty 2018 Year In Review

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Its officially December, & if your like me, you most likely already have your Christmas tree up and presents already wrapped and set nicely under the tree.  This year is my sons first Christmas, so I MAY have gone a little over board and started the holidays a bit too soon. But I dont care,… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 3, Supporting First Nations Education

Cheekbone Beauty is well known to be an avid supporter of First Nations Education. This has been the case ever since the launch of Cheekbone.  ‘The truth is First Nations children get 30-50% less funds for education than the rest of Canadian children.’(1) Because of this huge gap and unfair funding for First Nations children,… Continue reading Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 3, Supporting First Nations Education

Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 2

I first tried Cheekbone Beauty products about 2 years ago and let me tell you, Ive been in love with them ever since. Part 2 of the Cheekbone Beauty Brand Focus is going to be about the very first Cheekbone products I ever tried and still love & use to this day. Sweetgrass Lipgloss This… Continue reading Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 2

Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty

I’ve decided that for the next Brand Focus series, Cheekbone Beauty would be the perfect match. Writing these posts are going to be so fun for me that it almost feels like cheating, like Im not actually doing any work simply because I’ve been such a fan girl of Cheekbone Beauty and the brands owner… Continue reading Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty