Natural Beauty Essentials: Witch Hazel

I’ve heard about the amazing effects Witch Hazel has for acne and acne scars, but honestly never really looked around for a product that contains this natural ingredient. I use Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatment, so I thought using both Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil would be over kill. 2 weeks ago, [...]

Lush Cosmetics: Helping Anishnaabe Land Defenders + Tea Tree Toner & Herbalism Cleanser Review

I recently purchased a Tea Tree Oil Water Toner as well as got a sample of the Herbalism Cleanser, I wanted to make sure it worked for my skin before committing. After leaving the Lush store, I got home and started researching Lush and also looked through the catalog they gave me. I found out [...]

Natural Beauty Essentials: Skincare Routine, Using Natural Products

Lately I've really been trying to use products that are 100% natural, or at the least use mostly all natural ingredients. Since starting this new natural skin care routine, which I started about 3 weeks ago, I can truly see such a difference in my skin. I wish I would've started this kind of skin [...]

Natural Beauty Essentials: Tea Tree Oil

I've used Tea Tree Oil since I was a kid. My mom would use it as an antiseptic/germicide on my skin whenever I had a cut or sore. But lately I've been seeing quite a few people mention that they use it in their daily skincare routine as a spot treatment for pimples. So I [...]

Natural Beauty Essentials: Coconut Oil

I'm sure almost all of you have heard about the crazy good benefits that Coconut Oil has for your skin. To be completely honest, this past weekend was the first time I've ever given it a try. I've always just been really sceptical about it and was afraid that thanks to my sensitive skin, that [...]