Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Its officially December, & if your like me, you most likely already have your Christmas tree up and presents already wrapped and set nicely under the tree.  This year is my sons first Christmas, so I MAY have gone a little over board and started the holidays a bit too soon. But I dont care, [...]

Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 3, Supporting First Nations Education

Cheekbone Beauty is well known to be an avid supporter of First Nations Education. This has been the case ever since the launch of Cheekbone.  ‘The truth is First Nations children get 30-50% less funds for education than the rest of Canadian children.’(1) Because of this huge gap and unfair funding for First Nations children, [...]

Brand Focus: Cheekbone Beauty Part 2

I first tried Cheekbone Beauty products about 2 years ago and let me tell you, Ive been in love with them ever since. Part 2 of the Cheekbone Beauty Brand Focus is going to be about the very first Cheekbone products I ever tried and still love & use to this day. Sweetgrass Lipgloss This [...]

Native KIDS Reads Intro

While I was growing up, I never had children's books with Indigenous characters that I could relate too. So ever since he was born, Ive been on the hunt for childrens books by Native authors/illustrators, and I’ve since made quite a good collection that Im so glad to be able to have for my boy. [...]

For The Love Of Our People: Moose Hide Campaign

‘The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys who are standing up against violence towards women and children.’ Personally, I’ve seen various members in my community wearing these Moose Hide pins, and was told briefly that it was to bring awareness to the violence against women and girls, as well as [...]

For The Love Of Our People

I’ve decided to create this new series called ‘For The Love Of Our People’ to highlight and showcase the many inspiring Native Owned companies, brands and businesses that are making a change and helping our people in many different ways. What inspired me to start this series is the Moose Hide Campaign. I will be [...]

Motherhood Indigenous: Introduction

 "Mothers connect us all to the sacred. The Native American way of life understands the whole world as sacred. Family, tiyospaye, is sacred, the earth is sacred, and all of life has meaning in the interconnected, cangleska wakan, the sacred hoop. In this circle of unity, women are revered as beautiful and powerful because they are the givers of [...]