Teachings & Traditions: Grandmother Moon

Indigenous People know that everything in Creation has a spirit. The plants, the trees, the wind, the rocks and the mountains all have spirits. The sky world, including the moon and other planets also have spirits. All of these are apart of our First Family, the natural world.  The Moon is called Nookomis Giizis which… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions: Grandmother Moon

Inspirational Indigenous Women: Autumn Peltier

Autumn Peltier is a 13 year old Eagle Clan Anishnaabekwe from Wikwemikong Unceded Territory in Northern Ontario and has to be the most inspirational young lady I’ve ever learned about. I’ve been hearing about Autumn and the amazing work that she’s been doing for our water and our First Nations people. Autumn has been advocating… Continue reading Inspirational Indigenous Women: Autumn Peltier

Teachings and Traditions Tuesday: The Seven Grandfather Teachings

  As the New Year approaches, I wanted to take some time to share the 7 Grandfather Teachings. I try my hardest to live by these teachings everyday of my life. If your trying to think of a New Year Resolution that you want to dedicate yourself too, I definitely recommend trying to live by these Teachings… Continue reading Teachings and Traditions Tuesday: The Seven Grandfather Teachings