Teachings & Traditions: Fasting

Fasting is one of the many ceremonies that has been practiced in First Nations communities for many years. In the past, the Elder of a community would take the young people out to fast in order to help them find their direction in life. Today, as our cultural traditions and ways of healing are being… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions: Fasting

Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: Sweat Lodge

(1) The Sweat Lodge has been called ‘the most powerful structure in the world’. It is a place specifically constructed to conduct ceremony. Sweats vary from purification, and cleansing to healing sweats. It is said that the Sweat Lodge during ceremony responds to what the participants need.  Other types of sweats include clan sweats such… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: Sweat Lodge

Teachings & Traditions: Grandmother Moon

Indigenous People know that everything in Creation has a spirit. The plants, the trees, the wind, the rocks and the mountains all have spirits. The sky world, including the moon and other planets also have spirits. All of these are apart of our First Family, the natural world.  The Moon is called Nookomis Giizis which… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions: Grandmother Moon

A Tribe Called Beauty 2018 Year In Review

Now that 2018 has come to a close and we are starting a fresh new year, I thought this would be a good time to look back at some of my favourite articles posted and new series that were created for A Tribe Called Beauty in 2018. In no way will these be in order… Continue reading A Tribe Called Beauty 2018 Year In Review

Teachings & Traditions: The Four Sacred Medicines + Smudging Ceremony

Last week’s Teachings & Traditions post was on the Medicine Wheel which contains the Four Sacred Medicines in its Four Directions, North, South, East and West. I thought I’d share more about the Four Sacred Medicines in this weeks Teachings and Traditions seeing as these medicines play a vital role in our culture. The four… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions: The Four Sacred Medicines + Smudging Ceremony

Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: The Medicine Wheel

"The circle of the Medicine Wheel represents represents harmony with nature and with all our relatives. The earth turns in a circle, and the birds make their nests in circles; the Anishnaabe dance in a circle, and the four seasons of life: childhood, youth, middle age and elder hood, form the circle of life. The… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: The Medicine Wheel

Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: The Eagle Feather

To be given an Eagle Feather is the highest honour that can be awarded within Indigenous culture. Both Bald and Golden Eagles are highly revered and considered sacred. They are honoured with great care and shown the deepest respect. They represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. As they roam the sky,… Continue reading Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: The Eagle Feather